Medical Center residents, SAPD respond to rash of burglaries over 2-day span

6 reports of burglaries in the area between Monday, Tuesday

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police said within just two days, there have been six reports of burglaries throughout the Medical Center area.

Police said someone broke into a CHRISTUS Santa Rosa medical office on Babcock Road near Hamilton Wolfe Road and rummaged through a desk Monday.

In another case, someone left scratches on a door while trying to break into a medical office on John Smith Drive near Babcock Road, police said.

At an apartment complex on Eckhert Road near North Hollow, police also received reports of a burglary.

And at an apartment complex on Hamilton Wolfe Road near Cinnamon Hill Drive, someone broke into a woman's storage unit and took several items. The burglaries are all too familiar to other people who live in the complex.

“They just broke into my car and they took some stuff I needed for school,” said Angela Huinh, a medical student who lives in the area.

Huinh said she’s not moving because she attends classes nearby.

On Tuesday, a medical building on Medical Drive near Babcock Road was burglarized. The same day, someone burglarized a maintenance room and stole a power washer from a location on Fredericksburg Road near Chambers Road.

While the news has Medical Center residents more alert, some say it's not enough to change their opinion of the area.

“I’m not sure whether it's the right time to panic and move to a different place. Who's to say the place you're moving to is better or worse?” said Ananth Dharmasthala, who lives in the Medical Center area.

San Antonio Police Department's Tips:

  • You don't have to always go high-tech. Sometimes, bars on windows will discourage burglars.

  • Keep the exterior of a business or home well-lit.

  • Security cameras can act as a deterrent and provide police with good descriptions of the suspects or the vehicle.

  • Consider getting expert advice. Use a professional security company to customize a security plan and check a business for vulnerability.

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