New gallery in Sutherland Springs honors victims and survivors of church shooting

Donated items from across the nation line walls in honor of victims

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas – For the past nine months, the community of Sutherland Springs has been trying to heal. 

The local museum has recently found a way to help in that grieving process with a new gallery honoring the victims.

With the help of donations, board members of the Sutherland Springs Museum were able to put together a small room that included pictures, toys and items left at memorials, in addition to things donated by victims' family members.

"When you start seeing how many items have come into this area from all over, you really can't help but feel like there's true love out there," said Robin Muschalek, Sutherland Springs Museum board member.


It has taken several months to put together the gallery, which became a form a therapy for some as they remembered their friends.

"This is really therapy, I think, for all (of) us," said Tambria Read, Sutherland Springs Museum board member. "I knew almost everyone in that church."

The gallery is still a work in progress and is expected to expand. In the meantime, what is currently up is already giving peace and comfort to those who need it.

"It warms my heart to see people remember the happy stories of the people that we lost and the survivors," Read said.

The museum is open the first Saturday of every month, or you can set up an appointment.

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