2 dogs beaten before being found in filthy North Side apartment, police say

Adrianne Martinez, 46, charged with animal cruelty


SAN ANTONIO – A woman is facing charges after police said they found two dead dogs and a malnourished pit bull while serving an unrelated warrant at her North Side home late last month.

Adrianne Martinez, 46, is facing three charges of cruelty to a non-livestock animal.

According to an affidavit, Martinez had a malnourished pit bull in a choke hold when police served the warrant July 25 at her apartment at the Trails of Elm Creek Apartments.

Authorities said they also found two dead dogs, a black and gray Catahoula and a white poodle mix, inside Martinez's apartment. An affidavit said both dogs had blood around their eyes and muzzles from internal injuries and had bruising over most of their torsos and around their necks.

The affidavit states that the poodle-mix's body appeared to have been exposed to extreme heat and the Catahoula's lungs had collapsed prior to death.

Court documents state one of the dogs' bodies was found with dog treats spread around its head and a decorative cross lying on its torso. The other dog was found on the edge of a bed with its head draped over the side.

Police said Martinez's apartment had dog food and feces scattered about the floor in the living room and the entire apartment smelled of feces and urine.

The affidavit says Martinez's relative went to her home on July 19 to encourage her to seek help for a mental health condition she suffers from when Martinez threatened him. The family member told police that he cared for the dogs while he lived there, but that Martinez refused to let him check on the dogs since he left.