Couple's dog accidentally euthanized by Animal Control

Dog euthanized while in quarantine

WMBD photo
WMBD photo

TAZEWELL COUNTY, Illinois – A couple’s dog was accidentally euthanized Wednesday while on a 10-day quarantine

Tony Wang was contacted by Tazewell County Animal Control and informed his dog Moses was mistakenly euthanized by an animal control employee who confused Moses with another dog, according to WMBD in Illinois.

Moses had been quarantined after he bit a maintenance worker who entered the Wang’s backyard unannounced.

“They said that they would like to keep him for 10 days under quarantine to make sure that everything was safe with him,” Jennifer Wang said to WMBD.

Tazewell County Animal Control released a statement saying in part:

"Tazewell County truly regrets this error. Tazewell County will be reviewing policies and procedures to prevent any such occurrence from happening in the future."

The Wangs are now looking at taking legal action for the death of their beloved Moses.

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