Family of man slain by business partner say they were surprised by his death

David Gomez on trial in murder of business partner, Isaac Flores

SAN ANTONIO – The shooting death of Isaac Flores, 45, was initially considered by police as a justified shooting. Police say Flores was shot and killed by David Gomez, his business partner in a trucking company.

Gomez claimed that he shot Flores in self-defense.

But after further investigation, police testified, the evidence supported a murder charge.

That testimony came Friday during Gomez’s murder trial. 

Police say Gomez shot Flores to death on the night of April 7, 2015, in the Bitters Avenue office of the men’s trucking company.

Flores’ cousin, Pete Zamora, told the jury the men had a disagreement that night over a hiring decision.

“He was upset, you know, he was going to talk to David about some driver that they had let go and he re-hired him, and Isaac was upset with that,” Zamora testified.

Zamora said that although short tempers and fistfights are not uncommon in the trucking industry, his cousin’s slaying came as a shock.

“Every time I would see them, they were smiling, laughing,” he said.  “They had a good relationship. I never expected this to happen.”

Emmitt Hall, who is also related to Flores, agreed in earlier testimony that short fuses and fistfights are not uncommon in the trucking industry.

Additionally, he said Flores fit the mold.

“If you messed with him, he’s not going to just sit there and take it,” Hall said.  “I mean, we’re all kinda the same. You can only hit a hornet’s nest so much, and we’re gonna bite back.”

But like Zamora, Hall said the shooting came as a shock.

If he is convicted, Gomez faces a maximum punishment of life in prison.

Testimony is expected to continue Monday in Felony Impact Court with Senior District Judge Dick Alcala presiding.

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