San Antonio Mayor Nirenberg presents his ‘Vision for San Antonio'

'San Antonio's economy is in the best position it has ever enjoyed'


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio has more economic momentum than ever, but the city's progress is threatened by dangerous charter amendments scheduled to be on the November ballot, Mayor Ron Nirenberg said Friday.

"By any measure, San Antonio's economy is in the best position it has ever enjoyed, and our future is limited only by our collective will to take bold action," Nirenberg said in a speech to the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

But Nirenberg said the three proposed charter amendments would severely damage the city's ability to keep moving forward.

"This is not a fight we have chosen, but we have chosen to fight," Nirenberg said. "If passed, they would take our city backwards, bringing divisive politics and bad policy to our local government -- the one level of government that still works."

Fire union leaders financed a petition drive to put the three charter amendments on the ballot.

"Our vision for San Antonio remains steadfast," Nirenberg said. "San Antonio is a premier city of the 21st century. Compassionate, and globally connected. We are the city of America's future."

Nirenberg noted that San Antonio's AAA bond rating would be threatened by the amendments, costing taxpayers more to fund projects such as streets, bridges and parks.