'San Antonio be tripping,' man says of daredevil motorcyclist spotted on highway

SAN ANTONIO – Video of a person doing a plank on a motorcycle while speeding down a busy San Antonio highway has people in awe.

The video was posted Monday by Ace Scott, who goes by@AceTheShooterr on Twitter. The caption read "Welcome to San Antonio."

In the short video, the motorcyclist appears to be lying flat on the motorcycle while still maintaining control of it on busy Loop 410. Other drivers are seen passing the motorcyclist and one driver honks to discourage the daredevil behavior.

Scott can be heard saying, "San Antonio be tripping" while looking on in awe.

One person responded that San Antonio "has its own breed of humans," while another joked that the person was simply trying to catch a nap on the way to work.

The video has many saying it's just a typical day on a San Antonio highway.

Check out some of the best responses to the video: