Someone tried to leave an Impala at the San Antonio Zoo

... Not an animal, a car


SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Zoo made light of an interesting situation over the weekend.

The zoo posted a photo of a Chevy Impala that became stuck while crossing a bridge intended for trains, saying, "someone apparently attempted to drop off this 'Impala' at the zoo." 

According to Tim Morrow, the CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, the driver ditched the vehicle.

"Park Police have your car when you are ready to pick it up," he tweeted.

While no one attempted to drop off an actual animal, the zoo used the photo as an opportunity to remind the public that they do not take in animals, including impalas, and that people should call a wildlife rescue should they ever come across an animal in need of assistance.

"Also, in general the zoo train tracks and bridges are not made for vehicles," the zoo added in its caption. "Please drive safely and stay on proper streets. This car is awaiting pick up from our friends with San Antonio Park Police."