Car thief runs out of gas minutes after stealing SUV, police say

Vehicle owner injured trying to stop thief

SAN ANTONIO – An accused car thief managed to get away from San Antonio police Monday morning -- just not in the way he expected.

Police said a stolen SUV ran out of gas minutes after it was taken from the driveway of an East Side home.

Officers were speaking with the SUV owner at a home in the 200 block of Stolnet Drive when they received word that the vehicle had been recovered.

The vehicle was found parked near a home at the corner of Bridesman and Midland streets, police said.

Officers said the owner told them the gas light was on when the car was taken from him shortly after 7 a.m. 

"The suspect was walking by. I guess he had asked (the owner) for a ride earlier," said Sgt. Mario Ramirez, of the San Antonio Police Department. "He jumped in the car, took off with the victim trying to stop him."

Ramirez said the car owner injured his foot when he fell while trying to prevent the theft.

"He held onto the vehicle as it was leaving, and then the suspect somehow managed to turn the vehicle," Ramirez said.

Police launched a helicopter and ground search for the thief.

Although they conducted an extensive search, he somehow got away.

When he is caught, police said, he will face a charge of robbery.

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