West Side woman's home in shambles after chase suspect crashes into her property

Jakob Contreras chased by police, arrested Tuesday, authorities say

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SAN ANTONIO – A West Side woman was moved to tears after seeing the home her late husband built in shambles.

Sara Garcia was in her backyard Tuesday morning when she heard the clanking of metal. When she checked, she found her brick fence had been destroyed.

A window and wall of her home were turned inside out in her living room.

“I was in shock, but I praise the Lord because he had me back there,” she said. “I sat there and I wanted to cry, but I said, ‘No, I'm OK.’”

The driver was gone, but he left the vehicle's bumper, plates and other debris behind. Garcia said the driver is 17-year-old Jakob Contreras.

Contreras was chased by police and arrested Tuesday. Police said he was wanted in connection with a carjacking and assault on Monday.

Garcia is concerned that the police put her life and the lives of children in the neighborhood in harm’s way during the chase.

“What is more important: the people or the criminals?” she asked.

Estimates to repair the damage to her home are estimated to be more than $10,000. She said her neighbors, family members and church friends helped her after the crash.

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