Dallas magazine talks major trash about SA, calls out mayor, city's tacos

Dallas engages San Antonio in taco war talk

D Magazine
D Magazine

SAN ANTONIO – Shots were fired from D Magazine in Dallas!

The publication has called out San Antonio after Mayor Ron Nirenberg retweeted its September issue cover claiming Dallas is “Taco City” with a simple “LOL.”

D Magazine editor Tim Rogers wrote a scathing letter to Nirenberg, calling out the Alamo City for recent headlines, such as the fire at Chacho’s & Chalucci’s, the crooked judge and the Kawhi Leonard drama, just to name a few.

Rogers is giving Nirenberg two options to right his “wrong.” 

He suggests continuing the beef, which he eloquently insists would be a bad idea because it would end with San Antonio still not having an NFL franchise, or the mayor can take an all-expense-paid trip to Dallas to eat tacos.

“If, after participating in said tour, you still LOL to the notion of Dallas being Taco City, we’ll give you Liz Cabbage, the best player on the Dallas Wings. And we’ll travel to San Antonio on our dime and publish a glowing story about how much we love it,” Rogers says at the end of his letter.

Nirenberg’s response? “SMH.”


Read the letter from Rogers in its entirety here.

***Update: A previous version of this article listed Jose Ralat, a freelance writer who knows his tacos, as one of the people claiming Dallas has superior tacos.

Ralat told KSAT he hasn't made any claim about which Texas city has superior tacos but did say he's referred to San Antonio as Texas' Taco Mecca.

"I have praised the city, which I visit regularly and feature prominently in my upcoming book, American Tacos: A History and Guide to the Taco Trail North of the Border.," Ralat said of San Antonio.

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