SA school employee bitten by snake on middle school campus

Snake bite occurred before school Monday

A teacher's aide at Bush Middle School was bitten by a snake on campus Monday morning while she was securing her bicycle to a tree behind the school.

A letter from the principal stated that it happened in a grassy area away from the school building in an area that people don't typically walk.

The incident happened about 200 feet from the school's back door.

The employee was treated by EMS and will be OK, the letter stated.

After the incident, North East Independent School District pest control workers inspected the grounds and surrounding areas and didn't find any snakes.

NEISD officials say they're not sure what kind of snake bit the employee, but they were told by hospital workers that it appeared to be a Copperhead based on the size of the bite.

Experts say you should try to stay calm and seek help immediately if you're ever bitten by a snake and.  

"The immediate thing to treat is don't panic, fight the anxiety. Get to a health professional as soon as possible," said Andrew Muck, UT Health emergency department physician. "Get to the hospital. It's not a sudden death situation, so you do have time to get medical attention."

The school is located on Evans Road in Stone Oak and is bordered by green space and a walking trail.

Principal Gary Comalander said PE coaches will review safety procedures with students before going outside for classes and custodians will continue to inspect all outdoor areas.

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