Texas Transportation Museum continues to restore old vehicles

Museum opened in 1964; recently restored 1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile

SAN ANTONIO – The Texas Transportation Museum on 11731 Wetmore Road continues to repair vehicles. 

Steve Campa, a volunteer at the museum, recently helped restore a 1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile. 

“We don’t have a steering wheel, we have a tiller, and that’s how it’s steered,” Campa said. “It has a gas pedal and brake pedal. We also have some levers on the side that operate the gears.”

The museum opened in 1964 and has artifacts, an operating train and indoor displays. 

Manager Hugh Hemphill is grateful for opportunities to fix gems like the Oldsmobile. 

"After Oldsmobile went out of business by General Motors, it kind of became an orphan, it was moved to Rosanky until that museum closed down. After that it was returned to San Antonio and the Cavenders were looking for a good place to put it, and we came up on their radar and they approached us. We went down to visit with them and said if we take it we would like to get it running. They couldn’t believe their luck because it hadn’t been running for maybe 25-30 years,” Hemphill said. 

Hemphill said the vehicle cost about $800 in its day. 

“It really takes you back to the excitement around 1900 when so many things were happening. Electricity was being put into buildings in houses, the telephone was coming, the whole San Antonio was in transformation and this vehicle puts you back to that,” Hemphill said. 

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