U.S. Rep. District 21 candidates face off in debate

Winner between Chip Roy (R), Joseph Kopser (D) to replace Rep. Lamar Smith

SAN ANTONIO – The two candidates hoping to fill the District 21 congressional seat held by longtime Republican U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, of San Antonio, participated Thursday in a debate.

The San Antonio Chamber Of Commerce hosted a debate between Republican candidate Chip Roy and Democratic candidate Joseph Kopser.

The two talked about issues important to the business community, including the economy, transportation and health care.

Among the questions the candidates were asked if they are elected, what role should the government play in boosting the U.S. economy?

"What I want to see the federal government do is  provide the conditions for a level playing field to make sure education is the great equalizer, that infrastructure is in place to move commerce and trade, to make sure immigration is reformed in a way that can add new Americans to the workforce to keep this economic miracle alive," Kopser said.

"Get more regulations out of the way, to provide more power for Texas to govern and see and do best what we can do. It's also to provide health care freedom, so we are no longer strangling 
businesses and people with the unbelievably high cost of health care. These are things we can achieve if the federal government gets out of the way of Texas," Roy said.

The candidates will face off in the Nov. 6 election.

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