Man accused of beating woman, 5 children, then taking off with kids

Christopher Guzman, 22, arrested on multiple charges of injury to child

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police have arrested an East Side man who is accused of taking out his anger on a whole family, including a 1-year-old baby.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, the mother of five children filed the complaint against Christopher Guzman, 22, on Aug. 13.

She told police that another relative had returned her children to her after Guzman took off with them after an altercation the previous day.

The woman said she heard muffled cries coming from an upstairs bedroom Aug. 12 but was unable to find her 1-year-old daughter at first.

She says she eventually located the baby in a closet, tightly strapped into a car seat that had been turned upside down.

The affidavit said the baby was blue from not being able to breathe due to the straps, and had bruises all over her body.

The woman told police that when she tried to call police, Guzman beat and choked her, then threatened to kill her and her children.

The affidavit said investigators later determined that all of the other children also had been beaten by Guzman and had bruises.

It mentions a 9-year-old boy who told police that Guzman hit him, knocking him into a window sill, because he took too long getting his siblings dressed.

The affidavit said the boy suffered a cut to his eye, but Guzman threatened to kill him if he told anyone what happened.

Guzman was arrested on five counts of injury to a child, as well as a charge of assault-family.

Records show this same suspect was arrested in 2016 on a charge of sexual assault of a child.

However, that case later was dismissed due to a missing witness.

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