Suspect in beating of 5 children had prior arrest in child sexual assault case

Christopher Guzman, 22, previously accused of harming child

SAN ANTONIO – A man accused of beating five children and their mother inside an East Side apartment had been accused of harming a child in the past.

Records show Christopher Guzman, 22, had been arrested in March 2015 on a charge of sexual assault of a child. That case, however, was dismissed due to a missing witness.

This time, San Antonio police said, there are a half-dozen victims with a story to tell.

An arrest warrant affidavit said a woman called police Aug. 13 after Guzman had taken off with her children, then a relative of his returned them.

She told officers that, on the previous day, she had found her 1-year-old daughter crying in a closet, tightly strapped to a car seat and face down on the carpet.

The woman said the straps were so tight around the baby’s neck that she was turning blue and not able to breathe.

The affidavit said when the woman attempted to call police, Guzman choked her and broke her phone. She reported the incident only after her children had been returned.

According to the affidavit, the 1-year-old was found to have bruises all over her body.

Police said they also interviewed the woman’s other four children and found they all had been beaten by Guzman. Among them was a 9-year-old boy who told investigators that Guzman hit him because he didn’t dress his siblings quickly enough.

The affidavit said the boy suffered a cut to his face from being knocked into a window sill. It said he also had bruises on his legs.

Police caught up with Guzman and arrested him Wednesday afternoon on a five counts of injury to a child and a charge of family assault.

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