Thieves steal trailer containing tens of thousands of dollars' worth of football gear

Jr. Brahmas' season may be in jeopardy

Their first home game of the season is scheduled to happen in about two weeks, but it’s likely the Jr. Brahmas may have to sit it out after someone stole a trailer containing most of their football equipment from a parking lot on Rogers Road near Military Drive.

“All our helmets and our pads that we need” were stolen, said Matthew Rodriguez, who plays on the team.

That's not all. Chains, tents, tables, coolers, the famed blow-up the players run out of and even cheerleading equipment were all taken.

“I want them to bring it back.” cheerleader Alessia Rodriguez said.

Ray Aikens, owner of the Jr. Brahmas Football League, said the theft happened sometime between Saturday and Sunday.

The thief left behind nothing but pieces of the trailer's broken tow-hitch lock.

“Anger, mad, very, very angry," Aikens said about what he felt when he heard the news. I "started thinking things like, 'Who would take this? Did they even know what was in it?'"

Without most of their equipment, the team may have to cancel their first home game, which helps bring in revenue needed to support them throughout the season through concession stands and admittance fees.

“I was really shocked. That's stuff that's really important to all of us," said Aikens’ son, Justin, who plays on the team.

Aikens has a message for the crooks.

“I hope that you have it in your heart to return it, and if not, karma bites you like you bit these kids. See you, karma,” Aikens said.

Aikens said including the trailer, the team's losses are estimated to be between $15,000 and $20,000. There were surveillance cameras that may help police find the thief or thieves, but in the meantime, if you have any information, you're asked to call police.

The first home game is scheduled for Sept. 15.

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