SA business helping working women focus on family time

New 'women helping women' series highlights local efforts

SAN ANTONIO – Women Helping Women is a new series highlighting either a group of women or a single woman who is going out of their way to empower women or lend a helping hand to other women in need.

The series exclusively airs on KSAT's Good Morning San Antonio newscasts.

KSAT reporter Sarah Acosta met with the CEO and the women of Opt In Experts, a consulting business just for women. The group focuses on women who are the best in their career fields but also gives those women put their families first.

In the past two years, Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez started two companies and ran for city council, all while raising two boys, ages 2 and 3.

Most importantly, she did all of this and made sure she was home for dinner and bath time for her kids.

Shannon Nisbit, who has 30 years experience working with nonprofits, is a mother to three grown children and, recently, two grandchildren.

Delise Crimmins spent 30 years building Southwest Airlines leadership department while raising four children.

These are just some of the women who make up Opt-In Experts, a women's only consulting firm.

"It's sort of like a Justice League of women and you are all coming together and everyone is special and everyone is unique and everyone is an expert," Aguirre-Rodriquez, CEO of Opt In Experts, said. She founded the business in 2013.

Her goal: To give women who are experts in their field the ability to still do what they do best and have time for their children and family.

The business plan gives women the flexibility to opt in and out of their work schedules so they can also focus on their families.

"I want women to know that there are options we don't have to follow into a traditional American work style," Aguirre-Rodriguez said. "We can build something different for ourselves and for our families."

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