Dog who suffered horrific abuse gets second chance at life

Gus found with shoe lace embedded in neck, pellets in body

Courtesy: Houston K-911 Rescue.
Courtesy: Houston K-911 Rescue.

HOUSTON***WARNING: Some may find details and photos included in this story disturbing. Reader discretion is advised***

An emaciated dog who was shot several times with a pellet gun and had a shoestring embedded into the skin around his neck is getting a second shot at life.

Volunteers with Houston K-911 Rescue were able to capture the severely neglected dog last week and on Friday, the dog underwent surgery. The group said that the dog, which they named Gus, was found at a Houston apartment complex in poor condition.

Gus' face was considerably swollen and he had deep cuts around his neck when he was discovered Wednesday. Later, X-rays revealed even more injuries Gus had been suffering from.

"As if having a shoestring cutting into his flesh and tissue isn't enough our sweet boy, Gus, has been repeatedly shot at with a pellet gun," the rescue group wrote on Facebook. "His whole body is riddled with pellets! I can't even begin to imagine the depth of suffering this dog has endured."

Houston K-911 Rescue has raised more than $20,000 to help cover Gus' veterinary expenses.

He was taken to Texas A&M's small animal clinic in College Station where he underwent surgery to remove scar tissue around his neck. The rescue said surgeons are exercising extreme caution because his major arteries and veins are located under his neck where a considerable amount of scar tissue is.

The rescue said it's unlikely charges will be filed because no one in the area where Gus was found will talk.

He is on his way to Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic to see his soft tissue specialist. They are waiting for him and will...

Posted by Houston K-911 Rescue on Thursday, August 30, 2018