Want $11,000 for new baby? Just name your kid after Colonel Sanders

KFC announces contest in hopes of more babies named Harland

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How do you feel about the name Harland?

Are you aware that the founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders, is actually named Colonel Harland Sanders?

In 2017, "Harland" ranked No. 3,257 on the list of most common baby names -- and KFC wants to change that.

So the chicken chain announced a contest just this week, in honor of Sanders' upcoming 128th birthday.

The contest, for the record, is intended "to inspire the next generation of Harlands" and continue on the Colonel’s namesake, according to a statement from the company.

Anyway, KFC will offer a college donation of $11,000 to the first child born on the Colonel's birthday (Sept. 9, 2018) named Harland.

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Why $11,000, you might ask? Oh, just as a nod to KFC's 11 herbs and spices. Of course.

Want to enter? Starting Sept. 9, parents can submit the name, date and time of their baby Harland's birth, along with their contact information, by clicking or tapping here.

The site will be up for 30 days, which gives the new parents some time to adjust to life with a new addition. To qualify for the contest, the baby's first name must be Harland, and each entry will be vetted to ensure that the winning child was in fact the first Harland born on Sept. 9.

Here are the official rules, if you have questions or you’re seriously considering applying. The contest is open to U.S. residents only, the company said.

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