Bexar-Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department responds to multiple rescue calls during heavy weather

Department responded to 21 calls in 4-hour period

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – The Bexar-Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department responded to 21 calls in a four-hour period on Monday night after heavy rain flooded the area and lightning strikes caused multiple fires.

Six of those calls were for structure fires.

"The lightning was just so intense last night, striking these homes," said Fire Chief Jerry Bialick, with the Bexar-Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department. "One of them, it hit on the corner and into the house and, fortunately, firefighters got in there, made a great stop and saved the house."

Bialick said two of the calls were for high-water rescues, including one on Glass Canyon.

"It's real hilly here and we have a lot of valleys. These are two areas that are more well-known for high water," Bialick said.  

Although the rain has died down, Bialick said the Fire Department is watching the radar closely to prepare for the next storm.

"We'll make sure the staffing is up-to-date," Bialick said. "We do have heavy rescue. We do have a boat, and we'll make sure we are properly staffed in an event where it happens again."

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