Couple to be married during UTSA tailgate party in Alamodome parking lot

Bride (and groom) will wear blue and orange

Courtesy: UTSA
Courtesy: UTSA

A San Antonio couple has found a way combine the two great loves of their lives -- their love for each other and their love for UTSA football.

Gary Alexander, who graduated from UTSA in 1999, will marry Laura Chavez Saturday in a noon ceremony that will take place in the Alamodome parking lot before the Roadrunners first home game of the season.

"He actually proposed to me during a tailgate last season.  It was November 11th and UTSA played University of Alabama at Birmingham.  It only seemed fitting that we get married at a tailgate," Chavez said.

The couple plans to wear blue and orange during the ceremony. A member of their tailgating group (which they call the Birdgang) will officiate. Chavez's dad, a UTSA professor and alumnus, will walk her down the aisle.

Chavez says planning the tailgate-style wedding has been a lot of fun. 

"The flower girls will be in cheerleader outfits and the ring bearer will be dressed like a referee.  Rowdy has agreed to walk the flower girls down the aisle. I had a veil made from material with UTSA logo on it.  There will be football lingo worked into the vows," Chavez said.  

All of the traditional wedding customs will take place in the parking lot, including the bouquet toss and the first dance.

Chavez says right now they don't have honeymoon plans but they do plan to attend Saturday night's game against Baylor. Keep an eye out because you may even see them on the "Kiss Cam. "

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