Requests to downsize trash bins spike as city increases monthly fees for larger bin

SAN ANTONIO – The proposed downsize in trash bins is expected to generate money for the city, help increase recycling efforts and keep money in the pockets of customers.

Marcus Lee, marketing manager for San Antonio Solid Waste Management, said the plan is to have customers switch from the large brown 96-gallon bin to a medium or small trash bin.

Solid waste fees for those who use the brown 96-gallon container will jump to $29 per month, an increase of $4.32. Fees for the medium and small-sized brown carts will decrease as an incentive.

"October, November, December, we had about 200 calls per month asking for cart exchanges, and in February, that jumped to 900 and in March, that jumped to 1,500 and stayed there," Lee said.

This past month, the number of requests jumped to 3,500 people.

"For next year, between the smallest cart and the largest cart, that differential is a $10 spread. So if you downsize to a lower cart, you’re saving $120 a year," Lee said.

Lee said it all comes down to being proactive and making sure we remain a sustainable city.

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