‘I saw my brother get shot': Woman describes events that led up to brother's shooting death

Woman gets ex-boyfriend to kill current boyfriend after argument, deputies say

NEAR CONVERSE, Texas – A family living near Converse is in pain and in mourning after seeing their loved one take his last breath after being shot early Wednesday morning.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said the murder of 24-year-old Isiah Roper is the result of a fight between him and his girlfriend.

“My brother slowly bled to death in my mother’s arms and my father’s,” said Consia Roper, Isiah Roper’s sister.

“Ten feet away from me, I saw my brother get shot,” she said.

Consia Roper said the fight started because her brother tried to break up with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Enederia Flowers.

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“He was bringing his clothes home. He came home. He got away from an abusive relationship,” Consia Roper said.

About five minutes after taking his belongings from Flowers’ home to his family’s home near Converse, Flowers showed up at the door with a knife ready to fight, Consia Roper said.

“I had her on the ground. I took the knife away from her, and she said she was going to go, so I let her go,” Consia Roper said.

Consia Roper said Flowers managed to grab Isiah Roper’s cellphone and run. He chased after her, tussling along the way.

“She lured my brother away from his house so she could kill him because he didn’t want to be with her,” Consia Roper said.

Isiah Roper’s family followed as he chased after Flowers.

Deputies said Flowers’ ex-boyfriend, James Johnson, who went to the house with her, drove up to the street, chasing after Isiah Roper.

They all ended up on Twincreek Farm Drive. Things took a deadly turn when Isiah Roper reached into the car to get his cellphone, which Flowers had thrown into the passenger seat, Consia Roper said.

Johnson allegedly drew a gun and shot at Isiah Roper.

“I watched this man pull out a gun and shoot my brother in the chest,” Consia Roper said.

Isiah Roper was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The entire family was reeling after his death.

“You took a part of my family, and you will have to answer to the courts. You will have to answer to the Lord when it's time for you to stand in front of the Lord,” said Deborah James, Isiah Roper’s grandmother.

Flowers posted $100,000 bond Wednesday. At last check, Johnson is still waiting to be processed at the Magistrate’s Office. They both face murder charges.

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