WATCH LIVE: Texas Supreme Court hears arguments on development near Hays Street Bridge

6-year legal battle continues in Austin on Thursday

A six-year legal battle between the city of San Antonio and the Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group over the sale of a lot adjacent to the Hays Street Bridge continues on Thursday with arguments in Austin.


The Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group is claiming the city illegally sold the lot to a developer to build an apartment complex near bridge. 

The group has taken its fight to the Supreme Court of Texas after a district judge denied the group’s request to delay construction permits for the property earlier this summer.

Many members of the community have spoken out against the planned five-story, multi-use building planned for 803 North Cherry Street, saying the building will obstruct the view of the Hays Street Bridge and ruin the historic look of the area.

Oral arguments are scheduled for 10 a.m. in Austin.

A caravan of over 60 community members will join the Restoration Group at the Texas Capitol in support of San Antonio’s public spaces -- the group will hold a press conference outside of the Texas Supreme Court at 9 a.m. before the hearing. 

Last month, the city filed a motion to dismiss the Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group’s case, asking the Texas Supreme Court to find the matter moot. The court has stated that it will not rule on the motion until it hears the argument today.

This is a developing story. Stay with KSAT 12 both online and on-air for more information.  

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