Firefighters work through the morning putting out massive 2 alarm fire

Squatters possibly responsible, SAFD says

SAN ANTONIO – An abandoned apartment building on the South West side destroyed by an early morning fire. 

That fire breaking out on the 400 block of Gillmore Avenue near Joint Base Kelly Field at 5:30 a.m. 

The two alarm fire calling out more than 20 units and it took firefighters an hour and a half to contain the flames, in mop up stages by 7 am.

Woody Woodward with the San Antonio Fire Department said it was too dangerous for crews to fight from the inside and focused on fighting it from the top using a hook and ladder truck. 

The cause of the fire still undetermined with the arson team investigating, however Woodward said he believes squatters may have something to do with it. 

"We did witness some individuals flee from the building, possibly squatters we did not make contact with them," Woodward said. "They immediately took off."

A couple obstacles firefighters faced included the rain interfering with their radio system and low water pressure in the nearby hydrants. The fire department had to call SAWS to increase the water pressure. No one was injured. 

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