Tables, glass used as weapons in family fight after sister allegedly beat mother


SAN ANTONIO – A fight between family members last week led to the arrest of three women who are all facing charges of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault.

Destiny DeLaGarza, 17; Daniela Claudio, 29; and Monica Claudio, 40, were all arrested and charged.

The three women were told that Daniela and Monica Claudio’s younger sister and her roommate had beaten up their mother a few days earlier. The women then to their younger sister’s apartment and began fighting with her and her roommate, police said.

Punches, kicks and tables were thrown and pieces of glass were used as weapons during the fight.

One of the victims also said Daniela Cladio threw her car keys at the victim’s face, causing a laceration to the victim’s right eye, according to the arrest report.