Michael Enoch found not guilty in 2016 murder

Enoch accused in October 2016 fatal shooting of Darrel Gentry

SAN ANTONIO – After deliberating for just over two hours Wednesday, a jury returned a not guilty verdict in the murder trial of Michael Enoch.

This was Enoch's second trial for the October 2016 fatal shooting of Darrel Gentry.

Enoch's first trial in September 2017 ended in a hung jury and a mistrial was declared.

Enoch's attorney, Robert Gebbia, insisted in both trials that the wrong man was on trial for Gentry's murder.

"I challenge you ... I summon you to stand up for what's right, because this is wrong."

"Everyone here wants justice," Gebbia said. "But justice is not convicting an innocent man," Gebbia told the jury during closing arguments.

Prosecutors claimed that Enoch shot Gentry after interfering in a quarrel between the victim and his girlfriend, Tomisha Tomlin.

Tomlin testified Tuesday that Gentry pushed her aside as Enoch pulled a gun and shot Gentry in the chest at point blank range.

"He's sitting right there," she testified as she pointed to Enoch.

Prosecutor Tiffany Miller called Gebbia's defense claim that the wrong man was on trial "predictable" during closing arguments.  

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