Port San Antonio company turns to VR for cybersecurity training

SAN ANTONIO – The cybersecurity training company DC Industries located at Port San Antonio is beginning to use virtual reality-based scenarios to aid in their training program.

Rob Dodson, course developer and senior instructor for DC Industries, teaches for different companies and for the Department of Defense.

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"Businesses need to protect their assets," he said. "So we have developed courses that designed from top to bottom."

DC Industries began using new VR cybersecurity training in their course called "Threat Actor Targeting and Exploitation – Cyber Espionage."

"VR has demonstrated to be a high-retention training program," Dodson said.

Jonathan Perry, CEO of Ractive, developed content just for this cybersecurity class.

"I’m using a game engine to develop the content," Perry said.

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"At the port we already have over 1,000 cybersecurity experts that work for both the Department of Defense and also increasingly commercial sector," Port San Antonio's Paco Felici said. "We are very excited about this partnership that is taking place here in Port San Antonio because it’s bringing together our customers and other innovators and educators in our community together to provide a course work to continue to sharpen the skills of the cybersecurity experts that we have here in San Antonio."

"Our design is to keep people up with what they need to know to be able to protect their organization," Dodson said.

To learn more, visit DC Industries' website here.

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