Report: Man killed by SAPD was armed with metal pipe, kitchen knife

Pete Sanchez, 52, shot three times by officer responding to disturbance call


SAN ANTONIO – A man who was shot and killed by a San Antonio police officer was armed with metal pipe and a kitchen knife when he confronted the officer who fired at him, a report obtained by KSAT 12's Defenders said.

Pete Sanchez, 52, was in an apartment on the 5900 block of Royal Gate on Aug. 31 when "callers told police dispatch they could hear someone yelling and possible throwing things" inside, the report said.

An officer arrived and "heard a male voice sound threatening" before Sanchez came out of the apartment.

"Pete Sanchez was armed with a metal pipe in one hand and a large kitchen knife in the other," the report said.

The officer ordered Sanchez to drop the weapon, but Sanchez advanced towards the officer and was shot twice before he walked back into his apartment. The officer put a tourniquet on Sanchez's left thigh, but he died from his injuries at a hospital the following day.