St. Mary's law students give input after hourslong testimony in Kavanaugh hearing

SAN ANTONIO – St. Mary’s Law School students gathered between classes to watch unprecedented testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee by embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford has accused Kavanaugh of attempted sexual assault when they were in high school in 1982.

Students interviewed by KSAT 12 were asked to share their thoughts on the hearing. This is what some of them had to say: 

No FBI investigation

“There’s something there they don’t want the public to know,” said Hugo Sanchez, a first-year law student.

Not coming forward sooner

“It’s just that people are scared. They never know what’s going to come up from them being honest and how many people are going to believe them,” said Bianca Ybarra, a first-year law student.

Kavanaugh’s testimony

“Every time he got emotional about calendars, about drinking, about his dad, to me, it seemed rehearsed,” said Lizabeth Sanchez, a first-year law student.

Political influence

“You definitely see the large influence on the Republican side to confirm someone that shared their conservative views,” said Frank Pena, a second-year law student.

Here’s what Republican Sens. John Cornyn and Lindsey Graham had to say Thursday with regard to the hearing:

"It's not great. What would be better is if you were able to develop the evidence through continuous questioning over a period of time. So the five minute intervals are not great. But we're stuck with it,” he said.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says the Democrats' treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is the "most despicable thing" he has seen in politics.

Graham said Thursday that Democrats sat on allegations against Kavanaugh and then sprung them on the nominee at the last minute in a desperate attempt to prevent his confirmation.

"I would say most of the comments made by our friends across the aisle were - struck me as more political. They didn't really ask questions seeking information. We are interested in getting to the truth here and unfortunately this is a hyper-politicized environment."

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