Del Rio High School teacher chided by district over profanity-laced political post

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DEL RIO, Texas – The San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District chided a Del Rio High School teacher after he posted a political image containing profanity to his personal Facebook page.

Roberto Rodriguez, a technology teacher at the high school, posted a Photoshopped image of Kid Rock wearing a shirt that contains an image of the U.S. with red states highlighted as the "United States of America," and blue states highlighted as "Dumbf---istan."

Kid Rock acknowledged the doctored image, as seen in the tweet below, stating the image prompted him to create his own line of political clothing.

Reno Luna, a spokesman for the district, told KSAT that while the post was shared outside of school hours, the district holds its employees to a code of conduct outlined in the employee handbook. 

Luna said officials directed Rodriguez to comply with district policies moving forward and that Rodriguez agreed.

Luna sent the following statement to KSAT regarding the image:

We recognize that this post was made at a time outside of school hours.  However, we require our teachers to present themselves in a respectable manner at all times.  Sharing posts on social media, at any time of the day, is an expression of oneself.  Page 30 of our employee handbook specifically addresses this topic. As role models for the District’s students, employees are responsible for their public conduct even when they are not acting as District employees.  Employees will be held to their same professional standards in their public use of electronic media as they are for any other public conduct. The employee has been directed to comply with our policies and he has agreed with our directive.

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