Man chased down, shot in neighborhood near Alamodome

SAPD: Neighborhood has had problem with people drinking, loitering in park

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SAN ANTONIO – Police say a man was chased down and shot in the abdomen Sunday afternoon in a neighborhood across the street from the Alamodome.

Police were called to a park near Claude W. Black and Dakota Street around 3 p.m. for a disturbance, then called to Hackberry Street for a shooting.

San Antonio police spokesman Carlos Ortiz said people in the park were confronted by residents of the neighborhood when a person at the park ran from the residents.

Police said two residents chased the victim down, but eventually one of the residents stopped chasing.

The victim and the other resident ended up facing off on Hackberry Street, where the resident drew a weapon and shot the victim in the abdomen. Ortiz said it's unclear what led to the shooting.

The victim was taken to University Hospital and is expected to survive.

Ortiz said investigators believe the incident is tied to a problem the neighborhood has had with people loitering and drinking in the park where the confrontation occurred.

It's unclear if the shooter will face charges. Homicide detectives took the two residents involved in the foot chase to police headquarters for questioning.

Ortiz said both have been cooperative with investigators.