SAPD: Officer injured as dirt biker attempted to evade police during traffic stop

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SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio police officer was injured Sunday night while trying to conduct a traffic stop on two dirt bikers that were reportedly driving recklessly.

San Antonio police Sgt. Ryan Edwards said residents near Stahl Road flagged authorities down about the two dirt bikers.

Police spotted the bikers on Anacacho Street, and an officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop when both tried to speed away.

One person got away on a red dirt bike, while the other, a 28-year-old man, was caught by officers. 

While trying to detain the man, Edwards said an officer's knee was burned by the bike's tire. Edwards explained the throttle of the bike was still open and the tire was spinning when the incident happened.

Police did not identify the man but said he is facing charges in connection with the incident.