Woman accused of conning restaurant cashier out of $400


SAN ANTONIO – The Seguin Police Department is looking for two women, one of whom they said conned $400 cash from a clerk at a local restaurant.

One woman allegedly asked the cashier for change and then confused the worker by making another request.

Seguin police released video of the woman and her supposed accomplice in hopes someone will recognize them.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Seguin Police Department at 830-386-2536.

Quick-change con caught on camera

Update: these women have been identified, thanks to our Facebook Detectives. Quick-change con caught on camera These women thought they were going to get away with a quick-change con at one of our local businesses but we have assigned this case to you, Facebook Detectives. The con master mind (women with the cash) and her accomplice approach the counter of a local restaurant asking for change. Quickly the women confuse the unsuspecting cashiers by making another request for change in a different denomination. Unexpectedly the cashier was conned out of $400.00 and now police need these women identified. If you have information about this case, contact Detective Diaz at 830-386-2536. Officer Tanya Brown

Posted by Seguin Police Department on Tuesday, October 2, 2018