Thief steals pickup with 2 children inside from North Side apartment complex

Children, truck later recovered

SAN ANTONIO – Two children are back with their family after a scary ordeal early Monday on the city's North Side.

San Antonio police say the boy, 9, and his four-year-old sister were inside their father’s idling pickup when a thief jumped into the driver’s seat and took off.

Police said the father of the children told them he had left them in the vehicle for just a few seconds while he went up to his sister’s second floor apartment, located in the 11800 block of West Avenue.

He said he asked his sister to go downstairs to keep an eye on them.

That’s when, police said, she saw a man climbing into the truck and driving off with it and the children.

She told officers that she then jumped into her own car and chased after him.

Along the way, the thief dropped off the children at two different locations, police said.

Officers found the girl at another apartment complex in the area, while her brother was found at a convenience store near Churchill High School.

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