USAA piloting program focused on augmented reality app for buying a car

App works with cars made since 2000

SAN ANTONIO – USAA launched an app for its members in September that allows them to view a vehicle’s description by placing their phone in front of it. 

“It automatically pulls the car that’s in front of you. You snap a quick picture. This is a Subaru Legacy that is somewhere in the vicinity of 2015-2018. You can see that the average price is $21,767, if new. If you push on the button, all of the details, payment information, average percentage rate, and the loan term,” Christy Rogers, vice president of digital experience delivery said. 

Rogers said the app works with cars made since 2000.

“You can literally just walk through a parking lot and take pictures of all throughout the parking lot and be able to see the detail of this car,” Rogers said. 

They are piloting this experience to 500 to 1,000 members to test their experience in augmented reality buying app for cars. 

Rogers said the app is also secure. 

“None of the vehicle owner information is shared. None of the member’s information is shared,” Rogers said. 

Rogers said this app allows them to expand their services to their members. 

They are piloting this program through Nov. 1. 

“If all goes well, the pilot proves to be successful. Ideally, we would roll this out to production,” Rogers said. 

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