Man missing after pickup truck swept away in floodwaters in Uvalde County

Vehicle located near Sabinal River Crossing on Ranch Road near Highway 187 south

UVALDE, TexasUPDATE: Family members of Patrick Ojeda, the man who is missing, released the following photo to KSAT 12 News.

Here's what Ojeda's parents had to say about his disappearance:


“We were convinced that that was not him missing,” said Aaron Ojeda, Patrick Ojeda's father. “He would call. He would let you know, ‘Hey, I am alright.’ But it just didn’t come and didn't come, and then when we heard some of the news from the sheriff's department, it was like the bottom fell out from me.”


“Maybe he did get out or he floated downstream a while, and he is probably clinging to a tree or sitting on a rock or on somebody's property,” Aaron Ojeda said. “We just miss him and hope they find him alive, bring him safely home out of the wilderness.”


"Patrick would not have gone into that bunch of water on purpose,” said Joanna Ojeda, Patrick Ojeda's mother. “I think it was dark and he couldn't see, and he thought the water was the level of the road and he just got pulled in. He is a very intelligent man."


“I was just in this utter shock,” Joanna Ojeda said. “I think that is the worst thing as a parent, not being able to go out there and look for him, so I commend all of those people who are looking for him.” 

WATCH: Family of man missing after truck swept away in floodwaters clinging to hope 



A team of officers from five law enforcement agencies is searching for a man whose pickup truck was swept away early Wednesday from a low-water crossing in Uvalde County.

The man called 911 around 1:50 a.m. saying he was stranded at the Sabinal River Crossing on Ranch Road near Highway 187 south, Uvalde County Sheriff Charles Mendeke said.

Sabinal police said they saw the man try to get out of his pickup when the vehicle was swept away.

A Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter found the pickup partially submerged about a half-mile from the crossing but no sign of the man, Mendeke said. 

"We didn't find him inside the vehicle at all," he said. "We have choppers in the air."

The man is believed to be middle aged and is probably someone on business who was traveling through the area, Mendeke said. 

"Traveling through this part of Uvalde County, there's no light whatsoever; it's pitch dark," he said. "It can be very dangerous to drive through Uvalde County during flood time."

Mendeke is holding out hope that the man will be found alive, citing a high-water rescue Monday in Kimble County.

"In Junction, they found a female about 23 miles downstream alive, so let's pray. You never know," he said.

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