Woman calls police on neighbor after witnessing altercation involving gun

'My life could have ended today,' woman says

SAN ANTONIO – A couple helped stop a man who had fired a gun during an altercation with his wife from leaving the scene before police arrived and arrested him.

Police were called around 8:30 a.m. Thursday to the Dunes Apartments in the 6200 block of South New Braunfels, where the man had been arguing with his wife, police said.

"As I was going towards my truck, they came out of the apartment," said the woman, who didn't want to be identified. "They were maybe 6 feet away from me, and the guy shot a gun. And so then I jumped and saw the smoke and everything. The girl told me, 'Call 911, he is trying to kill me.'"

The woman said the man tried to drive away in a stolen car, but her husband was able to get in front of him with a car and block the entrance to the apartment complex until police arrived.

The man, who is in his mid 20s, was taken into custody without incident.

The woman said it's an incident she'll never forget.

"I'm just really traumatized. I feel like this was an experience that I don't wish on anybody, being so close to a bullet, you know. My life could have ended today," she said.

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