How many puro San Antonio things can you buy with Mega Millions jackpot?

SAN ANTONIO – Tuesday’s Mega Millions jackpot is currently at $1.6 billion -- the largest in lottery history.

The cash option, or lump sum prize before taxes, is $904 million.

Millions of hopefuls are buying tickets for the drawing on Tuesday night, but what can you buy with all that cash?

Here’s a list of the most puro San Antonio things you could buy with $904 million:
**All numbers are approximate.

  • 183,739 Spurs season tickets

  • 41 million Wrestlemania tickets

  • 2,260,000 hours of live mariachi music

  • 56.5% of the Spurs franchise

  • 452 million velas

  • Kawhi’s unfinished house and all his leftover jerseys

  • 226 million buckets of Bill Miller’s Tea

  • 1.2 billion tamales

  • 301.3 million bottles of Tajin classic seasoning

  • 452 million bags of Hot Cheetos

  • 904 million churros

  • 292.6 million Whataburgers

  • 180.8 million cases of Big Red

  • 150.7 million mangonadas

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