Stove being used for heat believed to be cause of mobile home fire

Woman treated for minor smoke inhalation


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio fire investigators say a stove being used to heat a mobile home on the city’s North Side is what sparked a fire there.

The fire broke out just before 4:30 a.m. Wednesday inside a mobile home at the San Pedro Mobile Home Park, located near Highway 281 and Thousand Oaks Road.

Firefighters say the woman who lives in the home as well as her close neighbors already had evacuated when they arrived.

They quickly knocked down the flames which were threatening homes nearby.

The woman breathed in quite a bit of smoke and had to be taken to a hospital by ambulance, firefighters said.

Neighbors, meanwhile, stood around in the damp cold, clutching blankets and the few possessions they brought with them, waiting for the all-clear to go back into their homes.


Alissa Davis, who lives next door to the home that burned, said she nearly slept through the fire.

But thanks to a commotion inside her own home, she and her family woke up and got out safely.

“It was more than a knock. It was police, firefighters inside my home, telling us that we had to get out,” Davis said. “We didn’t have time to grab anything, just our pets and kids and that’s it.”

Still, she says she is grateful for the unexpected wakeup call.

No one else was hurt in the fire.

Firefighters estimate the damage at about $40,000.

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