2 council members looking at ways to deter mail theft after task force proposal killed off

SAN ANTONIO – A proposal to create a mailbox theft task force is dead after San Antonio police said it was unnecessary to add another, considering two others that investigate crimes resulting from mail theft already exist.

San Antonio police said thefts from mailboxes have decreased by 52 percent compared to last year.

Two City Council members are looking at ways to deter future mail theft.

“The recommendation came back from the chief of police that maybe a task force isn’t needed right now,” District 6 Councilman Greg Brockhouse said.

Brockhouse said he’s looking at ways to add lighting and/or sturdier mailboxes in certain areas.

“What we can do is make it so that in our development code that we have stronger mailboxes. Right now, some of the backings on those cluster mailboxes are basically aluminum,” Brockhouse said.

“I came out to check my mailbox one day and the back side was opened up, and (I) called the USPS right away and they came out and had to tape it shut,” said District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry, who agrees with Brockhouse.

Ever since a motion-activated light and a sturdier mailbox were installed in Perry’s community, they’ve gone nine months with no mail thefts.

Perry and Brockhouse want to bring the issue before the state Legislature.

“To make it a stiffer penalty for breaking in and stealing mail,” Perry said.

Brockhouse said the city has added the issue to its legislative agenda next year. He said he hopes to see new state laws regarding mailbox crimes implemented by September.

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