Enjoy break from elections, because it won't last long

Candidate announcements, rallies for 2020 around corner

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With Election Day 2018 having come and gone, we probably know what you are thinking.

“Yes, we don’t have to deal with political campaigns and everything that surrounds them until 2020! Whew!”

Well, not really. 

It’s not going to be as long of a break as you think. 

All the hoopla and events surrounding the 2020 presidential election are not that far away. 

Here are some key dates as politicians look ahead to 2020. 

March-June 2019
This is the time period when candidates typically announce they are running for president.
Ted Cruz announced his candidacy in March 2015, roughly 18 months before Election Day in 2016. 
Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton announced in April 2015, while Jeb Bush and Donald Trump threw their hats into the race in June of that year. 

August-December 2019
Get ready for debates, rallies and intensified campaigning for those who decide to run. 
In August 2015, more than a year before Election Day in 2016, a televised debate was held with 10 Republican candidates, including Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Bush.
That same month, Trump held a rally in Alabama that drew 30,000 supporters. In October 2015, Clinton held a big rally in Las Vegas. 
In other words, it’s obviously never too early for candidates to drum up support or for voters to start paying attention.

February 2020
This is the start of primary season, when states vote to decide their party’s nomination for president. 
The Iowa caucuses is the first big electoral event, followed by the election in New Hampshire. There is then a “Super Tuesday,” where multiple states hold their primaries. 

July 13-16, 2020
The week of the Democratic National Convention, where the nominee for president is officially chosen. The site hasn’t been determined yet, although the three finalists are Houston, Miami and Milwaukee. 

July/August 2020
The Republican National Convention will also be held, although unlike the Democrats, the Republicans haven’t chosen a specific week yet. It will be after the Democratic convention. Also unlike the Democratic convention, a site has been chosen by the Republicans, who will gather in Charlotte.

Nov. 3, 2020
In less than two years, it will be Election Day again! 
Maybe after that day comes and goes, people can legitimately feel they will get a break from political ads, rallies and debates. 
But until then, don’t get too used to life without election hoopla, because more is right around the corner. 

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