SAPD: Suspicious package at police substation contained 'illegal narcotic-type substance'


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police say a suspicious package brought to the SAPD North Substation on Friday night contained an "illegal narcotic-type substance."

Police said the substance was deemed to be non-hazardous.

Authorities said the recipient of the package brought it to the substation out of concern.

A preliminary report states the recipient's address was labeled as the sender and the intended recipient's address was in Florida, but police said the person who brought the package into the substation never sent a package like it.

Authorities temporarily evacuated the area and quarantined the individuals who came in contact with the substance, but ultimately declared the scene safe after determining what the white substance was.

SAPD said it looked into the incident with extra precaution due to the recent headlines of suspicious packages around the country.

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