Man loses home to fire after years of remodeling


SAN ANTONIO – A family is heartbroken after the home their father has been remodeling for several years was destroyed in a fire Wednesday afternoon.

The fire happened in the 200 block of Cactus Street when the homeowner, Ignacio Teran, was outside talking to his neighbor.

A San Antonio Fire Department battalion chief said Teran heard an explosion and saw flames come from the back of the house. They believe the explosion came from the home’s water heater.

“I just know I was getting out of work, and my mom calls me saying she is in the front yard with the kids and that the house is on fire,” said Jacquelin Teran, Ignacio Teran’s daughter.

She said her father burned his face while trying to get his family and pets out of the home.

“His whole face is burned,” Jacquelin Teran said. “He wasn't even thinking about all that. He was thinking about the kids and the animals and my mom.”

Now, the family is devastated that their father's most prized possession is destroyed.

“He has worked so hard on that house,” Jacquelin Teran said. “I have seen him put so much time, energy and every penny into that house. He's made a big transformation on the house. If you were to see it a couple of years ago, it is not even the same.”

Ignacio Teran’s neighbors say they are heartbroken for his loss.

“I hate to see it catch on fire and him lose so much, and now he's got to start all over again. At our age, you never know if you are going to be able to complete that starting over again,” said Harold Perkins, Ignacio Teran’s longtime neighbor and good friend.

Many described Ignacio Teran as a hardworking and serving man who loved to help others, no matter what.

“He would pick up strays and get them fixed and then take them back,” Jacquelin Teran said. “He has even helped other people escape their home that caught on fire as well. He is everything. I just can’t describe the love in his heart that he has for everyone. and everyone knows him because of that love.”

The fire caused about $250,000 worth of extensive damage, along with an added estimate of $75,000 from the contents inside.

Ignacio Teran did not have any fire insurance, and now, those in his community are hoping that, with help, they can rebuild from scratch again.

“Anything will help, because my dad has helped a lot of people,” Jacquelin Teran said.

“He's a strong man,” Perkins said. “He doesn't quit. He'll never sit down and just quit.”  

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