Neighbors want change after illegal trash dumping problem plagues neighborhood 5 years later

SAN ANTONIO – Homeowners in a northeast Bexar County community say they’re fed up with the illegal trash dumping they’ve been forced to live with for years.

Jennifer Lee moved into Glen, a community near Walzem and Gibbs Sprawl roads, six months ago. She thought the dumping problem in the alley by her home could be solved with a phone call.

“I figured it would be easy, and it has turned into phone calls and struggles,” she said. “We can’t use the backyard. The smell is god-awful. The rotting food gets very prevalent.”

KSAT has been tracking the illegal dumping problem at the neighborhood since 2012, when the district attorney at the time and a county commissioner promised to crack down on the dumping.

In 2015, another story showed the problems were ongoing. The problem remains even now. 

Lee got a visit from a county agency representative Thursday who told her they would look into the matter.

“They said they're going to try and help us,” she said. “He was very honest with me. He said this area is a problem, and no one wants a problem, which is why no one is claiming your area.”

A county representative told KSAT they will look into Lee’s claim.

The county has opened 560 illegal dumping investigations since January. One person has been arrested.

Vincent Hernandez said cleanup efforts in the past have resulted in temporary fixes. He thinks it’s time for a communitywide effort.

“It’s about homeowners, landlords, people who rent here, doing their part to clean up, as well,” he said.  

Lee said some of her own neighbors are contributing to the illegal dumping of trash in the alley.

“The Glen is always going to keep being the Glen. If they keep ignoring us, it’s never going to improve,” Lee said.

County residents who want to file an illegal dumping complaint can click here. To follow up on one of the complaints, call the Public Works Department at 210-335-6700.

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