Local store clerks trained to handle robberies, de-escalate violence

Seven armed robberies in October and November prove job is dangerous

SAN ANTONIO – Working as a cashier or store clerk is a dangerous job. The last two months in the San Antonio area are proof of that.

A KSAT crime-tracking map shows cashiers or store clerks were held up by armed suspects at seven businesses just in October and November. Two this month landed employees in a hospital.

Rubina Momin is aware that a person who collects money for a living becomes a thief's target.

Momin is the assistant manager at the Bigg's convenience store off U.S. 281 North near Bulverde. She began as a clerk, and before she got behind that register, she received training for potential dangerous situations.

"Don't chase. Whatever they get, just let them go out. Just let them out. Don't argue, nothing. Just save yourself because life is very precious," she said. 

Momin said she's been lucky and hasn't been robbed in the four years she's worked at Bigg's, but she sees on the news when it happens at other stores.

In two aggravated robberies this month, employees were injured when they fought back. Momin said she's been taught not to do that. 

"Not to fight, not at all. Whatever they say, just give it to them. Don't be aggressive. Try to be safe yourself first," she said. 

Momin said speaking calmly and being friendly, even when customers are aggressive, can de-escalate the situation.  She has also been taught to rely on technology and law enforcement.

There are dozens of security cameras inside and outside the building where Momin works, and the employees say there are police officers and sheriff's deputies in the area all the time so they feel safer and it cuts down on response times.

Momin's manager consistently attends training sessions with San Antonio police and brings that back to her employees.

Overall, Momin said she feels safe at work knowing she's prepared.

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