Man refusing to accept breakup charged with attacking ex days after arrest for similar crime

SAN ANTONIO – Castle Hills police said a man who could not accept a breakup is facing aggravated assault charges for attacking his ex-girlfriend just days after he was arrested by another agency for a similar crime.

Police Chief Johnny Siemens said Miguel Marez Aviles, 20, drove to his ex-girlfriend’s workplace near Blanco Road and Northwest Loop 410 on Friday, where he began ramming her car.  

The 18-year old woman attempted to drive away.

“As she tried to get away from him, he got out, tried to get into her vehicle and hung on to the side as she was driving off and then returned to his car so he could pursue her,” Siemens said.

Police were already on their way as the woman drove off, and Marez Aviles continued the chase and performed a pit maneuver on her car.

Marez Aviles then got out and began to stab the woman, officials said.

“It culminated with her being pitted in one of our patrol cars driving southbound, coming to her aid,” Siemens said. “(Marez Aviles) began stabbing her in an effort to kill her and her unborn child.”

“Our officer had to climb over the top of the vehicle to get to him. This transpired very quickly,” Siemens said.

The woman fought Marez Aviles off. A female passenger, a minor, was also injured. 

“She was moving on from a volatile relationship as anyone, or a woman, should do that finds themselves in a relationship of that nature,” Siemens said.

Siemens said Marez Aviles was arrested days before in San Antonio for assault. There was a protective order filed. Now, there is another protective order filed.  

Marez Aviles is in jail on a $500,000 bond for two counts of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.  

Police are still investigating the case and could not confirm if the woman was pregnant.

Siemens said the department sees an increase in domestic-type crimes during the holidays.

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