San Antonio Zoo's 'Straws No Mas' campaign tries to deter people from using straws

Desire is to eliminate or reduce plastic straws that harm environment

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Zoo, along with city leaders and businesses, kicked off their new "Straws No Mas" campaign early Tuesday morning.

Organizers said the new campaign is attempting to get individuals and businesses to eliminate or reduce plastic straws and single-use plastics whenever possible. 

The campaign includes social media posts, graphics, public service announcements and a website where citizens can take a pledge to be more eco-conscious.  

According to the campaign's website, over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used in the U.S. every day and last for hundreds of thousands of years -- with more than 79% of all plastic waste ending up in landfills, or getting stuck in the natural world.

As part of the campaign, guests of the zoo have the opportunity to purchase reusable cups, cup toppers and reusable straws instead of single-use plastics.

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