Holiday feeling is in the air -- and at San Antonio's airport

Thousands taking to the skies, traveling for Thanksgiving visits

SAN ANTONIO – The holiday feeling is not only in the air, it’s also at San Antonio’s airport.

Thousands of people planning to spend the holidays with friends and family elsewhere are heading out of town.

According to one airport worker, travelers began lining up inside Terminal A at San Antonio International as early as 3:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Within about an hour, the line going through security stretched the full length of the terminal.

Terminal B also saw a large crowd early in the morning.

In spite of the long lines, most people seemed to be in good spirits.

Jackie Torazo arrived in plenty of time to catch her flight to Philadelphia.

She was traveling with 10 other relatives and a suitcase full of clothes for the chilly weather there.

The forecast for Philly calls for overnight temperatures in the teens and 20s.

“It’s a lot colder,” she said.  “I’ve checked everything else. Layers and layers and layers.”

By 6:30 a.m., the crowds were beginning to thin out a bit as the first flights of the day took off. 

Daniel DeLuna arrived with his wife and two sons for a later flight to Mexico.

“I’m surprised. It’s not that busy right now,” he said.

The family left home extra early, anticipating heavy traffic on the roads.

They ended up with extra time to sit around and plan their holiday.

“We’re going to eat everything,” said his son, Romeo.

While the thought of delicious Thanksgiving meals may have lightened the mood for some, the flight status board also offered a reason to celebrate.

As of 7 a.m., it was showing all flights scheduled for the day were on time.

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